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Lawn Bare Spot Repair
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Lawn Bare Spot Repair

TurfMend® Lawn Bare Spot Reapir 

We are proud to announce our new line of TurfMend® grass patch mixtures which include super high-quality Barenbrug® grass seed, Yellow Jacket® coating, peat moss, and kiln dried sand.

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Ready To Use Grass Seed Mix

The beauty behind the TurfMend line of grass patch products in that they come ready to use.  All you need to do is scratch up the area you want to seed using a rake, shovel, or tool of your choice, spread the TurfMend seed mixture, and water.  Before you know it, your bare spot will once again be just as beautiful as the rest of your lawn or your client’s lawn.

Grass Patch Seed Varieties

TurfMend’s grass patch blends currently are available in 5 different varieties allowing you to get the perfect blend for your unique lawn.  The 5 blends are Sun, Shade, Sun and Shade, Tall Fescue, and Bermuda.  Each blend contains a different Barenbrug seed or combination of seed varieties, Yellow Jacket Enhanced Seed Coating, the finest peat moss, and kiln dried sand.

The Science Behind The Seed Mixture

It seems so simple, but there is a lot of experience and research behind the mix used is TurfMend lawn repair mixes.  Formulated over the years by long time Golf Course Superintendent Jeff Stahman.  Jeff partnered with Barenbrug as his seed supplier for the mixtures.  Barenbrug is well know for very high quality grass seeds used on some of the finest golf courses, athletic fields, and even residential and commercial properties.

Yellow Jacket Seed Coating

Barenbrug’s Yellow Jacket Enhanced Seed Coating increased germination rates drastically and reducing the amount of water needed during germination by 30% at the same time.  It can hold up to 600 times its weight in water!  On top of that, it also contains Apron XL fungicide which will protect your seed and young grass plant’s root system from fungal diseases.