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Free Lawn and Landscape Resources

Yeah man!

As you might expect…everything on this page is free!

I wanted to highlight our offer from Audible.  Audible is Amazon’s audiobook platform.  By using our affiliate link you are able to download 2 books of your choice for free.  The way it works is like this: You will have to sign up for an Audible account and enter your credit card info to complete that process.  You will instantly have access to your account with your 2 free book credits ready to use.  Pick 2 books and download them.  Cancel your account if you wish, and keep the books forever.

I don’t recommend canceling, as I have been paying them monthly for years and can honestly say the knowledge that I accumulated from them has helped immensely to get me where I am today.  I am not ‘rich’ by any means, but I live very comfortably with almost zero of my time taken up by producing income anymore.

It wasn’t easy getting to this point, and it certainly took more than reading the 150+ business books I have now read.  You will have to put your knowledge you learn to use in your life and business each and every day to ever see any results.  It’s called life!  Embrace it.

What do we have?

So, you already know about the free Audible trail, we also have a similar offer for Amazon Music.  I have personally been using both services for years now and don’t plan on stopping them anytime soon.  Even I can’t listen to audiobooks all day, every day, so I switch it up with music from time to time.  Almost anything and everything you can think of is available for instant streaming on Amazon Music.  It’s awesome!

Business management tools.  A little more on the serious side, we have some resources you are free to utilize and tweak as needed to make them just right for your business.  These items include various checklists, an editable employee handbook (Paid my lawyer $2k for it in 2013…), both profitability calculator versions can be found here, and an SEO checklist for your website if you insist on doing that yourself! 

In case you didn’t know, Lawn Crack is more for fun, we are able to continue Lawn Crack’s videos, blogs, and various tools we create for you from the income our website and SEO service brings in.  We focus on online presence management for local businesses, specifically lawn care and landscaping companies, but we also do work for many other business types.  If your potential clients are local, we can get you in front of them and looking good online.  Learn more about our SEO and website design or re-design services if you are interested.  

Finally, you will also find the link to our Area Calculator here, which you can use on our website or by downloading the app from your app store.  Search for ‘Lawn Crack’ in the app store to find it.  You can also grab Earl Nightingale’s speech titled The Strangest Secret here.  As of November 2018, I have listened to this speech at least 10 times.  I catch something I overlooked each time I listen to it.  It is only about 30 minutes long.  Last, but not least, we have the link to our ‘Direct Google Review Generator.’  Simply type in your business name or address (Assuming you have fully connected your site with Google – contact us if you have not!) and it will spit back your direct link instantly.  Use it on social media, emails, invoices, etc. to get more Google reviews while you sleep.  They are about the best SEO signal you can send to Google!

What would you like to see for free in the future?