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How to start a lawn care business?

If you are not familiar with me or my story from the YouTube videos, I start my lawn care company with a push mower in 2009.  I had no money and no business experience.  I was working for a local lawn care and landscaping company that taught me how to do the actual work though.  I started part-time until the spring of 2011 my business starting growing and I was able to go full time.  By 2015, I had 6 crews out every day and it was a madhouse!  We produced a lot of revenue ($643k) but not much profit!  I changed my business model from full service to mowing and spraying only and profits more than doubled even though our revenue went down considerably.  I share what I learned so you don’t have to waste lots of time and money like I did figuring this industry out!

Lawn Care by the Numbers

How to make $40,000.00+ dollars in your first year mowing is a break down of the numbers to reach an income of $40,000 for the owner of the business. We look at customer count, the average price per service and the number of services per season to get our revenue number.

Once we know our projected revenue, we will go in-depth looking at the expenses to operate your business including variable, overhead, and 1-time expenses.

Once all of the income and expenses are known, the calculator will break show the results and you will have a better understanding of what it will take to make money in the lawn care industry.

If you would prefer, please feel free to watch the video I made on this topic.  I would highly recommend that as this blog post is a condensed version and there is much more in the video!  I also wrote the book on how to start and grow a profitable lawn care business if you are interested in that.  I am confident you will find great value in it if you are not currently making $100,000 or more as the owner of your lawn care business.  Visit our products and services to see what we have to offer to help grow your business.  We are forming partnerships with the companies that we found valuable in our business to get you the best of the best for less…a perfect example is the Proslide XT.  We have the lowest price anywhere in the world on the best velke option available.

Start Lawn Care Business

Build A Profitable Lawn Care Business

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If you do invest the time to watch the video, you will see the break down of customers needed, the average price per service, and the number of services per year.  This is going to show you the potential revenue you will be able to generate.  I then dive into the fixed, variable, and 1-time costs you will incur while starting and running your lawn care business.  Then we take a look at how much money you get to put in your pocket!

Since starting Lawn Crack in late 2017, I have spoken to tens if not hundreds of business owners from all over the country at various stages in their business.  I have learned so much from these interactions and it has been an absolute pleasure!  What I have found, is that most guys getting started in this industry are very good at the work their company performs.  But, and that is a big but, many are much like myself when I started, and they do not fully understand the costs associated, how to price their jobs, how to route, schedule and invoice efficiently, and much more of the more ‘business’ type tasks that will need to be performed.

Not to worry!  This is normal and you have all kinds of resources available to help get your company over the hump and into profitability.  I really hope the information provided gives you insight into your businesses future and that my ‘notes’ towards the end of the video get you even more excited and optimistic about your venture.

Run Hypothetical Numbers

We have 2 tools, 100% completely free to you to use, to play around with the numbers and determine how profitable your potential lawn care business can be.

A Website Is A Must

If you are just getting started in lawn care, you must build a strong online presence quickly to even have a chance to compete.  Thanksfully, we market for lawn care businesses of all sizes all over the country and can get you found online quickly and make sure you look great.