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Social Media for Lawn Care Companies

On this Lawn Crack resources page we will look at different options you have increase visibility of your lawn care company using social media.  Facebook is in a league of its own, but there are others that can also benefit your business.  Remember, even if you don’t plan on using these social profiles for your business, there is still value in creating the profile and linking it back to your website.  This will help with your websites ranking in search results.

how to use facebook for business

Facebook for Lawn Care Companies

I think it is a safe bet you are familiar with Facebook but are you using it to it’s fullest potential to grow your lawn care or landscaping company?  Here are some tips to get the most out of it!

Must Do's

  • Complete your profile!
  • Format your profile picture and cover image to show properly.  Include a call to action in your cover image.
  • Add your services

Should Do's

  • Post a minimum of 2 times per week.
  • Ask your customers to leave you a review!
  • Add as many pictures as you can to your gallery.


  • Adding a video or several videos regarding your company and services you offer
  • Paying for advertisements
  • Using the ‘create an offer’ and ‘create a poll’ options

We market lawn care businesses online?

With about 50 lawn care clients under our belt, we are very confident we will get you get results at a very reasonable cost by representing your business online.

We build websites, re-design and update websites, get websites found on Google and on Google Maps, and run Google Ads.

Getting the Most out of Facebook

Expanding on the Bullet Points Above

Must Do’s:  Make sure you complete your profile with as much information you possibly can.  A lot of people want to get to know the companies they are considering hiring as best they can before making their decision.  Be sure to include all of the services you offer.  People are reading less and less these days so make the most of your pictures.  Your profile picture should fit properly in it’s allotted space.  Having your picture cutoff leaves a bad impression!  Same goes for your cover image.  Since you have more real estate to work in the cover image area, take advantage of this by encouraging viewers to take an action you desire.  Consider offering a discount to new customers, highlight your guarantee, include a testimonial, and include your phone number and/or website here too.

Should Do’:  Facebook is vast!  Do not be afraid to post.  When creating your posts, do not always try to sell something.  Think about providing value.  This is what people will appreciate and remember, and better yet, possibly share!  Offer tips specific to your area and the time of the grass.  Touching on items such as best watering practices, the importance of keeping your mower blades sharp, benefits of returning clippings to the lawn, how to prune certain shrubs, etc.  You can schedule these posts in advance.  If you have an office staff, delegate this task to them!  After completing your basic profile, over time add plenty of pictures of your work, your trucks, your equipment, your staff, and anything else related to your business to get people a really good feeling about who you are and what you do.

Reviews!  I cannot stress enough how important online reviews are!  You know the best way to get a review?  Well, it is to ask for it.  It’s common sense right.  People are quick to hop online and leave a review when they are upset, but few people think to do so when they are happy with their service.  Give them a little friendly reminder.  Your email signature is a great place to do this.  Another is where they can pay their invoice on your website.  Big note here!  You cannot incentive anyone to leave you a review online on any platform.  If you get caught there is a great chance you can get banned from that platform. 

Consider:   Video is the new picture.  Get over yourself and make a couple.  The first handful will be rough.  Shoot them, watch them, and then do it again until you get one you are satisfied with.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well, your video will be worth a thousand words plus however many words you say in the video!  Sorry, I had to do that!  LOL  But honestly, this will only help convert visitors to your Facebook page into clients.  Use the different options you have on your Facebook page like ‘create and offer’ and ‘create a poll’ to get more action on your page.

Once again, Facebook is vast!  Your posts will not gain much traction without spending a little money with Facebook.  Their boost this post option is a great way to get a lot more exposure for $10.  See which posts are performing the best and boost those.  Running a ‘like campaign’ is a great idea.  If you pay for a like campaign and get a lot of people to like your page, now they will see all of your non-paid posts.  The targeting options with Facebook Ads are mind-numbing.  Watch some videos on how to target properly for the ideal potential clients you want to see your ads.  If you are not familiar with online ad targeting I would consider hiring a professional to do this for you.  You can waste a lot of money very fast if you do it incorrectly!

Want to see all of the targeting options?

This infographic is pretty freaking sweet if you ask me!

YouTube and Your Business

I think the best use of YouTube videos for lawn care and landscaping companies is simply using YouTube to host your videos.  You can then embed them on your website.  You can do cool things like make your video autoplay and remove the control options from the viewer.  

Another use would be to make tutorials for DIY homeowners.  By doing this you prove your credibility and also show the amount of work involved.  Not to mention the equipment needed to do the job properly.  This can sway a DIY person into a client!  It is also a great way to get people to share your video with their friends and family that may find it valuable.

Instagram for Business

I like to tell my employees that at the end of the day we really just make ‘stuff’ look good!  This leads to lots of photo opportunities, and Instagram is all about pictures.

Showcase your work by posting a couple pictures every week.  Don’t forget to also take pictures of your trucks, equipment, and employees.  Present your company in a professional, friendly manner.  People like hiring companies they are comfortable with.

Use the description area to lead people to your website or call your business.  Hashtags are huge on Instagram.  Do a little research on popular hashtags that are a fit for your image and watch the engagement on your posts increase.


Out of all the other social platforms, LinkedIn can provide your business the most value in my opinion.  It is the ‘business professional’ social network, so keep this profile super professional.  Who knows who may find you here!


Honestly, I am out of the loop on Snapchat!  I need my 7-year-old daughter to get me up to speed.  I think there is potential here, but I do not have the answers for this one!  I have heard ads on Snapchat get great results, but don’t know if that applies to our industry.


Still figuring out Pinterest, but I do feel if you can figure this platform out it could benefit your business.  Remember to keep in mind what platform you are on when posting to each.  Pinterest is primarily used by women, so cater to them with your images and wording here.


I don’t know much about Twitter either!  But I do know that it is struggling to stay afloat.  My advice would be to not worry about this one.  I do not think it is a good fit for lawn care and may not be around much longer, but I could be wrong!