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Measuring Lawns To Quote Lawn Care Services

Quoting lawn care services from a computer, or an app, is a great way to get your leads an accurate quote very quickly and help you win more jobs!

We know a lot of you already know how to do this, but for those that don’t quite understand, hopefully, this information will enable you to start implementing this service quoting method in your business.

Everything about this process is free!  Not to mention the time (and money) saved by not having to go each individual property to get your quote together.

If you would rather watch the video we made, here is the link:  How to Quote Lawn Services from the Computer.

online tool to measure area

Best Area Calculators 

The Web App version of Lawn Crack’s area calculator is available at  You can also download the mobile app version from your app store.  Here are the links:

Area Calculator Web App For Use From Our Lawn Crack’s Website

Download Lawn Crack’s Area Calculator on Google PlayAndroid App

Area Calculator Google Play Store



Download Lawn Crack’s Area Calculator on Apple App StoreiOS App


Area Calculator Apple App Store



Want to learn how to use all of the features available on Lawn Crack’s Area Calculator?  How to use Lawn Crack’s Area Calculator

Aerial Calculators For Quoting Jobs

  1. This is best for services like mowing, fertilization and weed control, and aerating services that can be accurately quoted using the square footage of turf of the property.
  2. Some jobs you will still need to see in person!  If you cannot get a good view of the property (mainly this is because of trees) from the aerial view, it would be best to see that property in person before providing your quote.
  3. Use Google Maps to reference the street view which may help clarify where property lines are, as well as get you an idea if they have a small gate, steep slopes, and other things like that which could possibly affect your quote.
  4. If you need additional clarification on the property lines, try to pull up the property using your local GIS (geographical information system) service often offered by the county the property is located in.
  5. The images online are not always up to date!  Do not forget that the property owner may have added a fence, swimming pool, or similar item to their lawn which could also affect your quote.
  6. It is best to play around with lawns you are already familiar with or drive to the first handful of jobs you quote like this.  I would not recommend starting to implement this quoting system into your business until you are comfortable doing so.  Make sure your quotes created from online images correlate to your old system of quoting.
  7. You will need to know what you charge for each service based on square footage.  The square footage get you a pretty good idea of man hours involved.  Then apply your hourly rate to the time involved in the job.  Don’t forget to have a minimum charge for each service!

Why Quote Lawn Services Using An Aerial Calculator?

  1. Speed!  If you are the first quote the customer receives, you have the best chance to win that job.
  2. Time!  This will save you an incredible amount of time as compared to driving to each property.
  3. Accuracy.  I have never seen a perfectly square lawn.  You can get much more accurate square footage calculation using a software program as compared to eye-balling it or using a measuring wheel.

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