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You won’t find a better price on a Proslide XT anywhere!

Proslide XT Lawn Mower Sulky 1

Why the Proslide XT?

  • No wheels!
  • No jackknifing!
  • Less trailer space
  • Retracts out of your way while not in use
  • Acts as a striping kit
  • Keeps user at ground level
  • Stays directly behind the mower

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Why does Lawn Crack sell Proslide XTs?

Because we believe in the product!  Ryan bought his first Proslide XT in 2009 and has outfitted every walk behind mower his company purchased with one ever since.

After using single wheel and 2-wheel velkes for years at the company he previously worked for, Ryan found the retractable platform design to be from superior to the traditional wheeled velkes/sulkies you may very well still be using today.

If you haven’t tried a Proslide yet…please do yourself or your employees a favor and try one out!  Your lawns will thank you too as the PSI from the user is greatly reduced when compared to a wheeled velke.

Proslide XT Lawn Mower Sulky 2

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See the Proslide XT in action!

Mowing a Lawn with the Proslide XT

How to get on and off the Proslide XT

Replacing the Gas Shocks on a Proslide XT

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