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Proslide XT Sulky



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The Best Lawn Mower Sulky


  • It enhances stripes
  • It’s compact
  • Can still easily walk behind the mower!
  • Operator stays on ground
  • Reduced PSI on lawn
  • Will not destroy your knees!
  • Safety
  • Cost of ownership

Compare To Wheeled Sulkies

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Novae Corp honors their warranty on our Proslide XT sales.  We are an authorized dealer.

Want to compare the Pros and Cons of 1-wheel, 2-wheel, and platform style sulkies?  We have you covered!  Comparison Link:

Want to see how to use it?  Watch this video:

Want to see how easy repairs are?  Watch this video:

Commercial Walk Behind Mower Sulky

The Proslide XT is a commercial lawn mower sulky which is also referred to as a walk behind mower sulky.

What makes the Proslide XT better than the tradition single wheel sulky or 2 wheeled sulkies?  Where should I begin...

  1. The Proslide XT also acts as a striping kit as it extends the full width between your lawn mowers wheels laying the grass down as you mow.
  2. It takes up less room while on your trailer.
  3. It self-retracts every time you step off of it.
  4. It keeps you at ground level so you are still in the proper position to use your lawn mower's controls.
  5. It spreads your weight over the surface area of the platform you stand on.  No more dark stripes created by single wheel sulkies.
  6. It will not damage your knees like 2 wheeled sulkies do over time.
  7. It is much safer when mowing on hills as you do not have your wheeled sulky in your way which can create a very dangerous situation.
  8. The most common repairs take less than 5 minutes to complete.
  9. It is very similar in price to the traditional wheeled sulkies you are probably familiar with.  By the way, we have the cheapest price available on ProSlide XT's.  We are an authorized dealer.
  10. The cost of ownership is very similar to wheeled sulkies.  Instead of replacing tires and bearings, you only have a couple torsion springs, gas shocks, and the wear plate to worry about replacing.  If used properly the Proslide XT will last for years without any issues. Improper use or abuse will, of course, increase your repair costs.  This is true of anything though!

It's Ryan with Lawn Crack.  I have honestly been using Proslide XT's since 2010.  I have never owned a wheeled sulky and never will.  I do have several years of experience using both when I worked for a lawn and landscape company before I started my lawn care service.  I would not steer you wrong!  Here are a couple pictures of my very first hydro walk behind lawn mower with my brand new Proslide XT on it back in 2010!

Proslide XT on a Walk Behind Mower

Best Lawn Mower Velke Proslide XT

Additional information

Weight 466 oz
Dimensions 23.75 × 16.5 × 6.75 in

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