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Lawn Care Shoe Breathe

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$89.99 $49.99



  • Kevlar Shell
  • Kevlar Sole Lining
  • Steel  Toe
  • Light Weight (toe heavy)
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Cut Resistant
  • Puncture Resistant Sole
  • Non-Slip Sole
  • Flexible
  • Ready To Work

Shipping Note
Please allow ~1-2 weeks for shipping delivery.

After hours I may be slow to text back.

Please Note:

For the inconvenience of not being able to pick size and color on the store like normal.  I am offering a special introductory price.  The new store will be live by 7/28/2019.

Once these shoes go to the new store (coming soon) the price will go up!

Until then, after ordering, email your color choice and size.

Shoe Sizes

Weight: 17 oz (7 oz lighter than my current sport boots)



The lawn care shoe breathe offer a great way to keep your feet cool while you work while still offering protection like a boot.  The steel toe is no joke!  Cut resistant shell.  No shoe strings to come untied.  Slip on and secure.  Puncture proof sole.

Additional information

Weight 17 oz

1 review for Lawn Care Shoe Breathe

  1. Ryan Sciamanna

    Just received my pair! My size was out of stock when I ordered so I got them for Billy with B N B Lawn Mowing. He will be testing them out. THEY LOOK AND FEEL AMAZING! The steel toe makes them feel front heavy but they are still much lighter than my boots.

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