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For under $100 we are happy to analyze your company’s website and send you a report of what you can do to get found more often online and how to get more people to contact you after visiting your website.

You will receive clear instructions on how you can perform SEO services yourself without needing any special computer skills or marketing knowledge.  You are also welcome to hire us to perform your SEO recommendations after we complete our research and your payment will be credited towards your SEO services.

Website Technical SEO Check

Let us take a look at how sound your website is as far as the search engines like Google are concerned.  We are happy to report what we find.  You are welcome to take this information and fix the issues yourself or pass them along to your web developer.

If you need help, we are certainly happy to provide you with a quote and do all the work for you.

Why does technical SEO matter?

It is so important that your website is technically sound because at the end of the day you are really optimizing your website for search engine algorithms.  When the search engines send their bots to crawl your website, all they can really do is reference technical data.  Obviously, your website will also need to be visually appealing, packed with useful information, and easy to navigate which are all things we can help with!  But, if your site is lacking a sound technical foundation, it really doesn’t matter how it looks because no one will ever find it!


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