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Free Tool for Online Reviews


Free tool that generates a direct link to where anyone can leave you a Google review.  Take the friction out of leaving your company a Google review and watch them roll in!


Direct Google Review Link Generator

This link makes it quick and easy to leave a review.  Simply input your businesses address and copy the link it generates.

What if it does not find my business?

If our tool does not find your business, it means Google does not have your business’ information.  There are instructions for a very simple workaround that is also very effective and easy to do.

Why are online reviews so important?

With more and more people turning to the internet, specifically Google searches, to find products and services they are interested in, it is more important than ever to have online reviews.  People want social proof that your product or service is worth it and a good option for their needs.  Having online reviews not only increases the chances that someone will take action and contact your business, but they also are a powerful SEO signal to Google that they should be ranking your business for related search queries.


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