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Editable Employee Handbook (FREE)

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Free Editable Employee Handbook for Local Service Businesses.

Protect your business with this document.  #keepmakingmoney

Editable Employee Handbook

I paid a couple of thousand dollars for it, you can have it for free.

A must-have for every business.

The Lawn Crack created employee handbook makes it easy to set standards for employees’ expectations from attire to behavior and everything in between!  Open the WordDoc and use the ‘find and replace’ feature to quickly and easily make this template your company’s official employee handbook.

What do you need to know about our editable employee handbook?

  • Instructions are at the top of the document itself, simply delete those after making the edits.
  • Please read it!  You may want to edit it to better fit your company’s policies!
  • You should have a lawyer review this document!

Why do you need an employee handbook?

  • It protects your business.
  • It clearly defines the expectations of employees.

Additional information

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