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Lawn Care Websites

This blog post was updated on 1/1/2020.  We also know have more helpful SEO information on Optimized SEO and Website’s website.

Learn how to build a website for your lawn care company yourself and get it ranked by the search engines such as Google and Bing.

If you do not know how to build a WordPress website there are several videos on YouTube to get you familiar with the platform.  WordPress is the most common platform used to build websites.

I highly recommend you have a WordPress website for your lawn care and landscaping company instead of using Wix or any website builder your hosting service may offer.  You will not be able to enter all of the back end SEO information needed to get your site to the first page.  SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization.’  This is what will tell Google and any other search engine when to display your site in the search results.

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If your website cannot be found in the search results, you might as well not have one!

If you want to handle the task of building your site and doing the SEO yourself, this information will come in really handy.  If you would like to hire us to do this for you, we are more than happy to.  Your website needs to be legit!  All other forms of marketing you do should potentially drive people to visit your website.  If it is done correctly, it will convert the people that land on your website into clients!

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Must-Have Pages For a Lawn Care Website

  • Homepage
  • Services Page
  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Request a Quote
  • Privacy Policy

Optional Pages to Consider

  • Pages for Each Service you Offer
  • Service Area Page(s)
  • Pay Invoice
  • Gallery of Photos
  • Testimonials
  • Meet Our Staff
  • DIY Tips
  • Blog

Lawn Care Website Basics

Before we get into the SEO aspect, let’s go over how you want your site to look and feel.  You want the site to be simple and easy to navigate.  Make it very clear when someone lands on your site that they know what you do.  This should be done in the area that is referred to as ‘above the fold.’  All ‘above the fold’ means is that the user does not have to scroll down the page to see it.  Your phone number and email should be at the top of each page.  A contact form or request a quote form is also a good idea to integrate into your homepage.  Although text is needed on each page, try to bullet point or highlight by using bold font and/or underlining, the key words or phases you want the viewer to notice.  A lot of people will just skim over a website.  Big blocks of text, like this one, are typically not ideal.  Remember, half, if not more, of the visitors will be on a mobile device.  It is very important that your website is responsive, which just means it renders properly on different size screens.

Make sure there is a picture on each page.  It is best to use your own original photos instead of ripping them off the internet.  If you do rip them off the internet, make sure you have permission to use that photo!  I love for picture editing and resizing.  You can make some really eye-catching graphics with Canva for cheap!  They usually have a 1-month free trial too.

Use headlines above any paragraphs or lists.  Keep your background white for the most part.  And make sure you insert keywords throughout the page, but don’t keyword stuff.  They should be integrated naturally.

Importance Of Citations

Directory sites let you display your business’ information on their websites.  Google references these sites and if you have a profile there, it is a good thing!  It is very important you make sure your business name, address, and phone are displayed exactly the same across all of these sites.  They should also have a link back to your website and display your business hours without any inconsitency.

Not technical knowledge is needed.  This will 100% help your website get found more often on Google.

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On-Site SEO for a Lawn Care Website

Do your best to write every variation of how someone could say something on your page.  For example, for lawn mowing, also work in grass cutting, lawn maintenance, lawn service, etc.  The words used on the page do play a big part in SEO.  Make sure all states, counties, zip codes, and cities in which you work are listed on the site too.  Properly use headlines and bold text to emphasize keywords.  Use hyperlinks where appropriate to link to other pages on your website and to other websites.

NAP is short for Name, Address, and Phone.  This should be in your footer and should be consistent across the web wherever a profile has been created for your company.  Your hours of operation and price should be in the footer too.  Price is designated by using dollar signs ($).  If your prices are low use one, if they are high use four.

Get the Yoast SEO Plugin and do everything it tells you to do.  Yoast uses a stoplight system to let you know how you are doing in regards to SEO and readability.  It will also make sure your metadata is within the correct character limit window.  The Yoast SEO Plugin really makes doing the basic SEO items a breeze.  That should be the first plugin you install.  It will also create your Sitemap which you will need to submit to Google from your Google Search Console. 

On Page SEO

  • Copy – Use keywords in your text
  • Use Alt Tags on All Images
  • Use ‘H’ Tags for All Headlines
  • Bold, Italic, and Underline Important Words
  • Use the Yoast SEO Plugin to Create Your Meta Data for Each Page
  • Correct All Issues the Yoast SEO Plugin Detects
  • Submit your Sitemap to Google
  • NAP Information Should be in the Footer
  • Hours and Price Should also be in the Footer
  • External Links
  • Internal Links

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Off Page SEO

  • Verify with Google!
  • Verify with Bing
  • Properly Setup Google Search Console
  • Create Business Profiles on Social Media
  • Create Citation Listings
  • Get Back links
  • Reviews

Off-Site SEO for Lawn Care Websites

There are also things you can do to improve your site’s position in the search results other places on the web.  The 2 most important things to do are submit your site to Google and Bing!  They will not rank your site well, or at all, until you verify your site with them.

The more back links you can get, the better your site will rank.  You can make some yourself by creating social profiles for your business and business listings on citation sites.  If you can get a website with high authority to link to your site, it would be very beneficial.  Maybe you can write a blog post for Lawn and Landscape and get a back link from the author attributions.

Reviews are crucial too!  You want to get reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook as these 3 locations will provide the greatest return.  Bing uses Yelp’s data to populate local businesses in searches.

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