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How to Create and Embed

a Custom Google Map

Recommended Map To Embed in 2020

I like to re-visit my blogs posts from time to time to make sure everything is still accurate and applicable.  And, this original post certainly still is, but there is another map you should should also embed on your website!  I wanted to make sure I let you know about it too.

Google My Business Map Embed

You can locate the other map inside your Google My Business.  You can either use your Google My Business Map instead of the custom Google Map described below, or use both.  The GMB map will have a button to click for directions, if applicable, and also show your star rating which may be a good or bad thing!

The custom map below can have directions added to it, and a benefit the GMB map currently does not offer is the ability to outline your service area.  That can obviously make it crystal clear where you in fact offer your services.

Big thanks to Chris with North Texas Turf Pros for sharing this info with us in the YouTube comments!

Check out the video tutorial on how to create and embed a custom Google Map on your website to show visitors your service area.  This also helps with your local SEO!

Below a link to the video with step by step instructions with some BONUS customizations you can do to really make your map stand out and provide the most value to those viewing it on your site.

Step by Step Walk Through of how to
Create and Embed a Map on your Website

1) Go to Google Maps – You will need to be signed into your Google Account

2) Click on the Hamburger Menu icon at the top left corner of the screen

3) Select ‘Your Places’ from the list of options

4) Click on the ‘Maps’ tab

5) At the very bottom, select ‘CREATE MAP’

6) Now you can do what you would like here to get real specific with your map!

Use the search bar and enter cities, addresses, zip codes, counties, streets, neighborhoods, or whatever you want to populate on your map.  Select the correct option for what you are searching for from the drop-down list of options Google offers you. You can add as many as you would like…Select ‘Add to Map’ for each search you do when you see the box pop up for that search on the map.


Once you add your selection to the map you will have more options to customize each selection.  You can simply change the color of the ‘pin’ by using the paint bucket icon option.  From the paint bucket icon option, you can also change the ‘pin’ icon that shows on the map to one of many options, or upload a custom icon!  You can change the name of the selection by clicking the pencil edit icon.  You can also add a description for this location while in here.  You can use the camera icon option to upload a photo or a video.  How cool is that?  That last option you have is to provide directions by clicking the arrow icon.  I don’t think the direction feature is helpful for lawn care and landscaping companies…but it is another option you have.

7) Then, I like to use the ‘Draw a Line’ option…which is right under the search bar represented by 3 dots with lines connecting them.  Outline your service area.  Title it something like ‘Your Company’s Service Area’ and give it a description.  Make sure to use keywords that reference your service area and what your company does!  You can also change the color if you don’t like the standard grey.  You also have some customization options for the area you just created.

8) Title your map by clicking on ‘Untitled map’ in the box in the upper left corner in the box where all your selections have been populating below.

9) Then click ‘Share’ and select ‘Change…’  Change the ‘Link sharing’ to ‘On – Public on the web.’  Click done was you complete step 9.

10) Then select the 3 verticle dots to the right of your new map title and choose ‘Embed on my Site.’  Copy the iframe code snippet to your website.  If using Divi within WordPress, you would simply add a code module and paste in the code snippet.

You can edit the width and height of your code snippet to get it to display properly on your site if you would like.  The map comes standard as 640px wide and 480px tall.  Simply change these values to the pixel size you would like your map to be.

BAM!  Now you are on the map!

Still confused? Need help?

We are happy to put your business on the map for you! We charge $37 to create and install your map on your WordPress site. Please shoot Ryan an email and we will get it done.

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