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Credit Card Processing

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Finally!  A credit card company that knows we don’t know anything about processing credit cards.  These guys are great and will practically do all of the setup and integration for you.  All you need to do is apply and get approved.

Apply Now!


Save Time

No more going to the PO Box!  Or opening stacks of mailed payments, to then enter the payment into your CRM and note the check number, then add them all up, and take them to the bank…

Who has time for that?!

Get Paid Faster

No more waiting for checks to arrive in the mail!  But, it gets even better than that.  Unlike many other credit card processors, your funds are available the next business day.  That goes for all payments made up before 11:00 PM EST the day prior.


Appeal to a Wider Audience

The younger generation, that is now old enough to use your service, by the way, do not do checks!  And, even more older people are tired of the hassle and insecurity that comes with payment by check.  Impress your clients by offering auto pay!



It’s Secure

Transparent Fees


No Hidden Fees

Get Paid Any Way

Of course, it is secure…but they back it up.  Ask them about their insurance if somehow your client’s information is captured.  They will put their money where their mouth is.  If you have ever looked into pricing structures for the fees associated with accepting credit cards, you were probably quickly overwhelmed.  They have the simplest, easy-to-read statements in the industry.  They also go over everything with you before setting you up to make sure you are completely comfortable and understand everything.  Don’t worry about surprise charges on your invoices, there will never be any.  

Get paid any way!  No matter how you want to accept the credit card payments, you have the ability to do so.  Lawn Crack’s favorite way to accept credit cards is via a page on your website.  This way no one in your company’s time is taken up with this process.  But, you can certainly enter a payment manually if a client wants to call in with their credit card info, and you can also get a mobile reader if you want to be able to swipe cards while at the customer’s property.  Any other way you need to get paid, just let them know.  I only named the most popular ways people paid my lawn care business, they offer many more options.

Merchant Services for Lawn Care Companies


It’s Ryan with Lawn Crack.

Like with any other product or service I bring to the attention of the Lawn Crack audience, I would not endorse or support this credit card processor if I didn’t think they were best.

Mike Miller will be your point of contact getting your account setup if you do choose to proceed.  I have known Mike on a professional basis since 2012 when we were in the same BNI group in Northern Kentucky.  Mike’s company is located next door to where I currently live in Newport on the Levee.  They had me over the other day and I had the opportunity to meet the owner of this company.  He is a fascinating individual and is really doing a lot of very cool things with his different businesses.

What do I look for in a credit card processor?  

Honestly, I want the best rate!  It is really that simple.  This is one of those necessary services you will need to use if planning on running a business in today’s day and age.  As long as the company is legitimate and trustworthy, all I care about is who has the lowest rate.  These guys fees are about as low as they get.  I actually have not found a processor with lower rates.

What you need to know!

You very well may not be approved!  Yes…I know.  But, it is true.  They are taking a risk as your merchant service provider.  They are going to do their due diligence to ensure that your business is a good fit for them.  If your business, or the owner, does not have good credit or have a credit history, they may not be able to offer their services to you.  Also, if your business is very new, that could also be a reason they could possibly not serve you.  You will have to contact them to find out!

What about the fees?

Yep…that is what I am saying!  What about the fees?  They are not PayPal or Stripe!  You are going to pay closer to 2% than 4% in fees.  They way I look at it makes this very easy to digest.  Yes…you are giving up about $0.02 of ever dollar that comes in via a credit card payment.  I say…who freaking cares!  Raise your rates by 2% and you have it covered.  Or, think about how much it truly costs you to enter and deposit checks, plus add the wait time for the payments to arrive, and the 2% is actually less than checks are costing you!

Apply for Credit Card Processing

You will hear back from them by the end of the next business day.  Nothing will be done with your application until they have communicated with you regarding your application.  Your business will need to meet their requirements to be approved, their will also be a soft pull on the business owner’s credit as part of the approval process.

Do you currently accept credit card payments?

Have you ever been terminated/identified by Risk Monitoring?

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