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Welcome.  My name is Ryan Sciamanna.  I have been in the green industry since 2003.  I started my lawn and landscape company in 2009 with my parents SUV and residential lawn equipment…yes, a push mower!  I sold my company in April of 2018 and now make money online via eCommerce, affiliates, ad revenue, and building websites and performing other internet presence work for small business across the US.

My History in the Lawn Care Industry

I have held many positions in the industry at a variety of companies.  I started off at 19 years old as a warehouse clerk for CWS.  CWS was a wholesaler of grass seed, herbicides, straw, salt, etc.  CWS has since been acquired by FiNN.  I had to leave CWS to attend the University of Cincinnati where I was accepted into the DAAP program.  The DAAP program is a very distinguished program that only accepted 40 students per semester when I got in.  Very poor choices outside the classroom led me to drop out with nothing to show for this experience. 

I ended up at Ohio Mulch within a year of leaving CWS.  I worked a full season here running the register and helping load up the customer’s purchases.  Not wanting to do this again the following spring.  I applied for a job at TruGreen.  I got the job and became a lawn care ‘specialist!’  At least that is what our title was, I was the guy spraying the lawns.  I really considered this to be a ‘good’ job considering I was 21 years old at the time.  Towards the end of my second season here, I was hit head-on while I sat waiting to turn at a red light.  The driver of the other car had a seizure and I was a sitting duck.  This, of course, mandated a drug test which I failed!  Oops!  A classic case of being young and dumb!

Now looking for work, I responded to a craigslist ad for a laborer at a local landscape company.  I ended up getting the job!  This is where everything started to turn around for me.  I loved the job.  I was the only employee not part of the family at the time I was hired.  These guys were good and taught me everything I needed to know.  As I was driving around with the owner’s nephew every day we saw several other companies doing the same thing we were, except they left their customer’s properties looking like crap!  Not all, but a surprising amount of them did.  So, I asked the owner if would mind if I started my own company.  He said, “There is enough grass for us all to cut.”  That is all I needed to hear.  I kept working for the local family business for another year and a half after getting his permission to start my own venture. 

So, I would get off around 4:00 PM every day because he actually ran his business like a business and didn’t work until dark (I didn’t know how impressive this was at the time!).  I would then go drive the neighborhoods surrounding my parent’s house and stuck a flyer on the door of any lawn that was long.  I printed the flyers off my parent’s computer and my catch line was, “I noticed your lawn needed a haircut.”  I can’t believe how people ate this up. 

I built my business part-time in the evenings and on weekends.  After 2 years of doing this, I was able to work full-time in my business.  After one season running the business as a solo operator, I hired my first employee.  He was a good friend and still works for me today.  I also hired my brother later in that season.  The following year I bought my second truck and had two crews out and about each day.  That was terrifying at the time!  I was so used to being on every job making sure everything was getting done right.  There were some issues with the quality of work on the second crew, but I saw the potential.   

The 2015 season was my lawn care company’s largest revenue year.  I had 3 mowing crews out each day, 2 landscape crews, and a spray truck treating lawns.  I would run around in a Ford Ranger checking on work, getting quotes together, and fixing broken equipment.  It almost killed me!  I was working far too many hours and did not have the money to show for it after everything was paid for.   

After this season I made a critical decision to narrow our service offering down to only mowing and spraying.  The total revenue in 2016 was less than 2015, but the money that made it into my bank account was greater!  The 2017 season is when I perfected my new system.  It allowed me to operate my lawn care with only 5-8 hours of my time per week.   

I originally wanted to take on partners and not sell my business, but after the partners made it clear I was expected to run the show as if I were still the sole owner, I politely asked them to buy out the remainder of my ownership.  Which they obviously did.

Now what?

I began considering other businesses I could start.  I had learned so much from running my lawn care business and had it to a point where it was throwing off more than enough money for me to live comfortably.  I looked into real estate long and hard but decided the timing wasn’t right for that.  I also had become very proficient at website design and marketing on the internet.  I started a web services company that I still own today.  My passion was still in the green industry though.   

Our goal is to help lawn care and landscape business owners build their business to $1,000,000.00 in revenue.  If you believe you can do it, we do it.  And we have the experience and business acumen to get you there much faster than you could do it yourself.  Even professional athletes have a coach.  Every successful business person has or had a mentor.  We want to help guys and girls that are serious about their business and are willing to put in the work. 

We offer a lot of information for free.  We are constantly adding new parts to our website.  We have a growing YouTube Channel.  We are also very active on Instagram.  Crack the Code to Profit is the book I wrote documenting exactly how I built a lawn care business that ran itself. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me.  I would love to learn more about you.  Reach out if you want to talk!


Wishing you all the best,


Ryan Sciamanna